Social Media Setup

We will help you setup your brand to all major social media plartforms.


Facebook Page setup

There are 7.6 billion people on the planet, and 2.5 billion of them use Facebook at least once per month. With more than 3 billion “Likes” and “Comments” on a given day, Facebooks is a perfect platform to  advertise to your target customers!

Facebook Starter Small Business Package (R300)
  • Profile and Business Page Setup
  • Complete Info Page
  • Upload Logo or other Image
  • Upload Unlimited Photos
  • Email and Phone Call Support
Facebook Professional Business Package (R780)
  • All of the above
  • Create Custom Profile Banner
  • Create WELCOME Landing Page
  • Install Twitter Feed
  • Install Newsletter Signup Form

Twitter Page setup

Twitter has over 241 million active users. With an average of 8,358 tweets a second, the social network is growing and quickly becoming part of people’s everyday lives.


Twitter starter small business package (R270)
  • Page setup
  • Upload images including logo
  • Contact information
Twitter Professional Business package (R400)
  • All of the above
  • Create Custom Profile Banner
  • Find and follow 100 other twitters in the same industry
  • Use of hashtags in the about section. Hashtags are topics in the Twitter world. Putting a hashtag in your about will help categorize your Twitter presence

Instagram Page setup

The social network for photo and video sharing is especially popular for young people. A total of 55 million photos are uploaded a day, which receive a total of 1.2 billion likes per day.

Instagram for business | For ecommerce (R5340)
  • You will need your own ecommerce website to sell from
  • Connect to a facebook page
  • Upload your product catalogue


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