Terms and Conditions

The Agency is in the business of Web Development.
The Referrer has contacts with (Your field of specialty) and has agreed to act as an intermediary finder of clients for the Agency and his/her services.


  • This Agreement shall be effective on the date of signing this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Date”) and will end on the 31st of December 2021.
  • Upon the end of the term of the Agreement, this Agreement will not be automatically renewed for a new term.


  • This Agreement may be terminated in case the following occurs:
    Immediately in case one of the Parties breaches this Agreement.
  • At any given time by providing a written notice to the other party 7 days prior to terminating the Agreement.


  • Hereby, the Parties agree that the Referrer in this Agreement is an independent contractor where the Referrer provides the services hereunder and acts as an independent contractor. 


  • The Parties agree that the Referrer will receive 15% commission per referral and an extra 10% for collaborating in the project.
  • The Parties agree that the Referrer will be paid on a monthly basis on the last day of every month. The means of payment will be via bank transactions only. 


  • All terms and conditions of this Agreement and any materials provided during the term of the Agreement must be kept confidential by the Referrer, unless the disclosure is required pursuant to the process of law.
  • Disclosing or using this information for any purpose beyond the scope of this Agreement, or beyond the exceptions set forth above, is expressly forbidden without the prior consent of the Agency. This section will remain in force regardless of the fact in case the Agreement is terminated.
  • The Referrer is not to use the Agency’s information for advertisements or any other promotional activity without the Agency’s written consent. All marketing material will be provided.


  • Under no circumstances will either party be liable for any indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages (including lost profits) arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the transactions it contemplates (whether for breach of contract, negligence, or other form of action) in case such is not related to the direct result of one party’s negligence or breach.


  • The Parties agree that any amendments made to this Agreement must be in writing where they must be signed by both Parties to this Agreement. 


  • The Parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and such is demonstrated throughout by their signatures below: